The Xcede Hemostatic Patch

Simple and effective hemostasis. The Xcede Hemostatic Patch is the basis of our multiple hemostatic and sealant products platform.

Built on unique technology, extensive Intellectual Property (IP) Protection and proprietary adhesive backing, it offers a wide variety of applications in severe bleeding and as an adjunct to hemostasis for mild-to-moderate bleeding.


The Xcede Patch Is:

  • A hemostat and sealant in one
  • Fully bioresorbable and transparent
  • A ready-to-use, standard-sized mesh patch
  • Fast-acting with high burst strength
  • Cut-to-size or sutured
  • Pliable to conform to complex topographies
  • Able to be stored at room temperature
  • Scalable for production demand
  • Competitively priced


Why Did We Develop The Xcede Patch?

  • Because severe hemorrhaging causes life-threatening medical problems that are extremely costly to treat
  • Because penetrating wounds to the trunk are the most likely to result in death during emergency care
  • Because the average treatment cost for traumatic injury in the United States is $334,000 per person; more costly than the average treatment of both cancer and cardiovascular diseases

Controlling bleeding and blood loss is the ONLY way to avoid complications associated with severe hemorrhage. BUT there are no approved products for internal use in this market segment. The Xcede Hemostatic Patch product platform ADDRESSES THIS UNMET MEDICAL NEED.


How It Works

The Xcede Hemostatic Patch makes contact with glycoprotein layer of tissues and bonds in 30-to-60 seconds. Hemostasis then occurs, even in extreme conditions such as high-pressure bleeds and
hard-to-reach locations. Biologically derived backing provides additional tamponade. The cycle of trauma and its complications is broken as a result.