About Us

Xcede Technologies, Inc.

Xcede develops innovative hemostatic and sealant products for surgical applications with an emphasis on severe traumatic bleeding. We are a subsidiary of Dynasil Biomedical Corporation and Dynasil Corp of American (DYSL); founded in October 2013 and based in Seattle, Washington and Rochester, Minnesota.

Strong Product Pipeline

The Xcede Hemostatic Patch, a fully bioresorbable mesh patch with proprietary adhesive backing, forms the basis of all our products. The Xcede Hemostatic Patch is currently in advanced pre-clinical stages. Four follow-on, next generation products are in the Proof of Concept Stage.

Exceptional Team

Highly respected innovators in biotechnology lead Xcede. We have extensive experience in taking products from development to approval, private and public company management, and mergers and acquisitions.

Linda Zuckerman, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Linda is most recently former Vice President Global Scientific Lead, Hemostasis/Surgery & Preoperative Care for The Medicines Company (MDCO), where she secured U.S. approvals for RECOTHROM® and U.S. and Europe approvals for Raplixa®. She is also former President, ProFibrix, Inc. (acquired by MDCO in 2013); Director Preclinical Development, ZymoGenetics, Inc.; and Scientist, Genentech, Inc. Linda earned her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and Postdoctoral Fellow from the University of California, San Francisco.

Sarah Combs
Acting CFO
Sarah is currently Head of Corporate Development, Dynasil Corporation of America. She is former CFO, Magnum Wireless; Managing Member, Meridian Global; and Managing Director, Communications Equity Associates.

Kyle Brandy
Director, Research & Development
Kyle is most recently former Staff Scientist, Dynasil Biomedical. He is also former Scientist and Graduate Research Assistant, University of Minnesota; and Scientist, ZyBac Medtech, LLC.